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БизнесBoost your sales and attract new customers

Boost your sales and attract new customers
Название:Boost your sales and attract new customers
Автор:Justice Mandhla
Дата издания:2009-08-21
Формат:True PDF
Размер: 0.85 Mb

Boost Your Sales and Attract New Customers will help you understand the importance of marketing and market planning to achieve your business success. By following the learning roadmap, and completing each component of the Program, you will expand your knowledge of marketing and advertising of your business. Here's what you will learn in this book: * You will learn to set your personal goals and analyze your business. * The SWOT Analysis and Goal Tools will allow you to customize this Program for your own business needs and allow you to start the Marketing Planning Process for your business. * You will learn how to customize your own specific business needs and achieve your Business Goals using the Workbook and Business Success Wheel. * You will learn how to join together all this information into a series of Marketing and Advertising Models that will offer you a variety of ways to expand your current Marketing Program. What is the ultimate outcome of this book? * Attract more customers * Sell more to existing customers * Bring back your old customers No matter what product or service you sell, making your dreams a reality is the ultimate outcome of this book. READ. APPLY. SUCCEED.

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