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БизнесYour Finances (Retirement Essentials)

Your Finances (Retirement Essentials)
Название:Your Finances (Retirement Essentials)
Автор:Frances Kay
Издательство:Kogan Page Ltd
Дата издания:2009-04-03
Размер: 1.16 MB

Money is the main concern for most people approaching or already experiencing retirement, as their income is likely to have to last for a long time and keep up with inflation. Some people have a good pension as well as assets and investments, others don't have enough resources to fund the lifestyle they had hoped for. Whatever your circumstances, "Your Money: A Practical Guide to Tax, Investments, IFAs and Wills" reminds you of the basics, drawing your attention to some of the provisions that could have a bearing on your immediate or long term plans. It covers everything from income tax and personal allowances to property investments, equities and IFAs. It also contains vital information on making wills in order to ensure that your wishes are known and properly executed. By taking you through the financial maze step by step, and spelling out the facts in clear, accessible language, this essential guide will help you to make your money work for you.

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