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БизнесEmployment Personality Tests Decoded

Employment Personality Tests Decoded
Название:Employment Personality Tests Decoded
Автор:Anne Hart, George Sheldon
Издательство:Career Press
Дата издания:2007-07-30
Размер:13,19 MB

At least 30 percent of American companies, from American Express and Bank of America and IBM to Marriott, Procter & Gamble, Time Warner, and a host of smaller firms, subject their employees to one or more personality tests each year.

Why do they do it? Employers want to hire and retain employees who are qualified, confident, resilient, even-tempered, and loyal. Personality assessments, like coaches, help them identify potential problems. The corporate world is intense. Employers need to know how their staff will deal with the inevitable pull of priorities between a regimented corporate life and family responsibilities.

Under normal conditions--and under stress--how do you deal with conflicts, solve problems, and arrive at results? Will you overlook important details? Find it difficult to interact with your colleagues? Disrupt a team? Threaten your supervisor?

Employers care how you make sense of the world because they want you to be reliable-as reliable as the test they're subjecting you to. You will be hired--or retained--because the test shows you will pose the least financial risk to your employer.

Can these tests be "beaten"? The short answer is no. But you can certainly learn more about them and, based on that knowledge, have a better idea of the answers each test is looking for.

Employment Personality Tests Decoded will show you:
* Why corporations require tests.
* Details of the most popular tests.
* How to prepare for each type of test and assess your score.
* What good (positive) attitudes employers want to see on personality assessments and profiles.
* How to solve problems, get results, and simplify answers for clarity.
* Your legal rights when taking corporate personality assessments.
* How to ace team-building and leadership assessments, even under stress.

With Employment Personality Tests Decoded, you'll never again have to worry that you will fail to get the job you want--or keep the job you love-because you couldn't pass the personality test!

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