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БеллетристикаDrop - Dead Gorgeous (Sweet Talkin' Guys) (Temptation, 781)

Drop - Dead Gorgeous (Sweet Talkin' Guys) (Temptation, 781)
Название:Drop - Dead Gorgeous (Sweet Talkin' Guys) (Temptation, 781)
Автор:Lyn Ellis
Дата издания:2000-05-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:1.70 MB

Chapel, Tennessee Police Chief Mitch McKee answered the "damsel in distress" call. To his mental distress and to his now aching lower body's libido, Katie Sutherland was back in town. In high school, Mitch was the wild bad boy who lusted after Katie, but he barely managed not to seduce her. Now she is back for the class reunion and looks DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS.

Kate has a successful career as a headhunter in San Francisco, but on her hometown turf she is confused. She does not want to be her wealthy father's puppet so she decides to become a "bad" girl because that sounds like fun. She selects her high school sweetheart Mitch to teach her the ways of being bad since he was the baddest boy in school. However, since the marines, Mitch is a model citizen even if he ignores impractical laws. As Mitch and Kate become reacquainted, they fall in love. However, to forge a permanent relationship the couple needs to find a compromise because she is now big city and he is small college town.

Lyn Ellis shows she can go back with her warm, often humorous, sweet-talking contemporary romance. The story line is fun because the audience observes the battles between the lead duo. As Kate and Mitch struggle with their attraction for one another, their difference of opinion on what is good for her as she acts as an apprentice bad girl makes for several jocular moments. Ms. Ellis provides sub-genre fans with an enjoyable, light-hearted romantic romp.

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