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БеллетристикаThe M.D. Next Door (Harlequin Special Edition)

The M.D. Next Door (Harlequin Special Edition)
Название:The M.D. Next Door (Harlequin Special Edition)
Автор:Gina Wilkins
Дата издания:2010-12-21
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:2.00 MB

It started with a big yellow puppy scampering into Dr. Meagan Baker's backyard…followed by her adorable new neighbor, a chatty thirteen-year-old full of information about her very attractive divorced dad, Seth Llewellyn. Oh, no. On medical leave and questioning everything, Meagan can't fall for a busy attorney juggling work, single parenthood and a naughty dog.
After his divorce, Seth promised himself he'd put his daughter first. Adding a relationship to his overscheduled life would be crazy. So he agrees with Meagan—between hour-long kisses—that this chemistry, this closeness between them, can't go anywhere. But a medical crisis just might make them realize what matters most….

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