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БеллетристикаCambridge Blue: A DC Gary Goodhew Mystery Set in Cambridge, England

Cambridge Blue: A DC Gary Goodhew Mystery Set in Cambridge, England
Название:Cambridge Blue: A DC Gary Goodhew Mystery Set in Cambridge, England
Автор:Alison Bruce
Издательство:Soho Constable
Дата издания:2010-10-01
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:5.00 MB

"Smart, ambitious. . . . A pleasingly different police procedural."--Kirkus Reviews

"This debut mystery by a British nonfiction crime writer accelerates like a train speeding to its destination. Highly recommended."--Library Journal

DC Gary Goodhew is intelligent and intuitive, the youngest detective at Cambridge's Parkside Station. When he discovers the body of a young woman on Midsummer Common, he is given the chance to work on a murder investigation for the first time in his career.

Soon the victim isВidentified asВLorna Spence. Richard Moran, her boyfriend and employer, has reported her missing and is distraught to discover that she has been killed. He claims that she was loved by his staff, and that she had no enemies. But it isn't long before Goodhew discovers many who wouldn't have minded seeing her dead, including Spence's high maintenance colleague, Victoria ,and Goodhew's reckless former classmate, Bryn.

They both swear that they have nothing to do with Lorna's death, but someone is lying. After another brutal murder, Goodhew knows it is time to use his own initiative to flush out the killer, even though it means risking his job and discovering the truth about the one person he hopes will be innocent.

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