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БеллетристикаSkeleton Canyon (Joanna Brady)

Skeleton Canyon (Joanna Brady)
Название:Skeleton Canyon (Joanna Brady)
Автор:J. A. Jance
Дата издания:2011-01-01
Размер:1.00 MB

A chilling story of deadly desire and cold murder from New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance
A pretty, popular teenager never returned from her secret tryst in Skeleton Canyon. Perhaps it was youthful rage or savage passion that ripped the life from a child of privilege and abandoned her broken body to the cold Arizona night. Or maybe she stumbled onto something terrible, something too dangerous to know. Now dark secrets about a future hideously destroyed are pulling Sheriff Joanna Brady of Cochise County into a lethal nest of lies and greed, hidden in a desolate corner of the Southwestern Desert—where the next blood that feeds the parched earth could be her own.

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