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БеллетристикаAll Fall Down

All Fall Down
Название:All Fall Down
Автор:Erica Spindler
Дата издания:2005-09-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

The murder of socialite Joli Anderson shakes up Charlotte, as the victim is the daughter of one of the most prominent businessmen in the area. However, the impact is felt even stronger in the suburb of Whistlestop where the corpse was found. The Charlotte Police Department takes charge of the case with the FBI providing assistance. The small Whistlestop Police Department is relegated to a clerical support role that galls Officer Melanie May, but there is nothing she can do about her assignment on the Anderson case.

FBI profiler Connor Parks is removed from the case and placed on leave because his obsession interferes with his official work. Connor feels extreme guilt caused by his ignoring his sister's cry of wolf once too many times. Unfortunately, his ignoring her cry for help leads to her death. However, Connor's profile of the killer begins to remind Melanie of an individual she knows. As she struggles with her "hunch," Melanie must deal with her influential ex-husband who has filed for custody of their four-year old son, and her growing attraction to the enigmatic Connor.

ALL FALL DOWN is a powerful romantic police procedural that will provide immense pleasure to fans of both genres. The exciting story line focuses on the interrelationships of law enforcement departments while working a particularly nasty case with high media visibility. Melanie is a wonderful character whose own obsession of being a heroine causes her anguish. Connor is sort of a fallen angel trying to regain his self worth, but losing the battle within his own soul. The secondary characters bring out the traits of the lead couple even as their subplots tie back to the main tale. Erica Spindler deserves cross genre acclaim.

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