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БеллетристикаFreedom's Price (Bartlett Family)

Freedom's Price (Bartlett Family)
Название:Freedom's Price (Bartlett Family)
Автор:Suzanne Brockmann
Дата издания:2008-02-26
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

Could a revolutionary used to running wild win the heart of a world-weary journalist?

Liam Bartlett had nearly lost his life in San Salustiano, and for five years the correspondent had done his best to silence his ghosts.ВВBut when Marisala Bolivar arrived in Boston, all his memories returned—along with a white-hot hunger for the young rebel who'd hidden him and kept him alive!ВВMarisala ached for Liam's touch, so long forbidden but now hers to fight for with a woman's fierce need.ВВCould a love once forged in fire at last burn true?

In this unforgettably sensual love story, Suzanne Brockmann creates a portrait of two daredevil survivors, tested by sorrow and bound by destiny to heal each other's wounds.ВВA flame who beckoned him out of the darkness, she understood his pain as no one ever would, but could he soothe her hidden scars by offering her his soul?

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