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БеллетристикаEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Название:Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Автор:John McFetridge
Издательство:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Дата издания:2008-07-21
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.00 MB

Sharon MacDonald has a problem. It's not being under house arrest. It's not the Iranian guy who just fell from the twenty-fifth floor of her apartment building. It's not even the police surveillance that's preventing her from getting to her marijuana grow rooms. Sharon's problem is a stranger named Ray: He's too good looking, and his business proposal sounds too good to be true.
Detective Gord Bergeron has problems, too. There's his new, hard-to-read partner, Detective Armstrong; a missing ten-year-old girl; an unidentified torso dumped in an alley; and what looks like corruption deep within the police force.
In a city where the drug, immigration, and sex industries are all inextricably intertwined, it's only a matter of time until Sharon's and Gord's paths cross and all hell breaks loose in this pitch-perfect second installment of John McFetridge's rollicking noir series.

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