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БеллетристикаRabbit Redux

Rabbit Redux
Название:Rabbit Redux
Автор:John Updike
Издательство:Ballantine Books
Дата издания:1996-08-27
Размер:0,33 MB

The assumptions and obsessions that control our daily lives are explored in tantalizing detail by master novelist John Updike in this wise, witty, and sexy story. Harry Angstrom--known to all as Rabbit, one of America's most famous literary characters--finds his dreary life shattered by the infidelity of his wife, Janice. How he resolves or further complicates his problems makes for a novel of the first order.
"A superb performance, all grace and dazzle...a brilliant portrait of middle America." -- Life
"Updike owns a rare verbal genius, a gifted intelligence and a sense of tragedy made bearable by wit....A masterpiece." -- Time
"An awesomely accomplished writer...For God's sake, read the book. It may even -- will probably change your life." -- Anatole Broyard
"Dazzling." -- The Washington Post

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Размер: 336.54 Kb(cкачиваний: 1)

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