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БеллетристикаSwing Trading Simplified

Swing Trading Simplified

Название: Swing Trading Simplified
Издательство: Marketplace Books
Автор: Larry Spears
Год: 2003
Количество страниц: 120
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10 mb
Язык: English

'As an avid swing trader and educator myself, I find that this book communicates the essence of swing trading in a simple and straightforward way. It describes the tools necessary to identify swing-trading opportunities, and explains the guidelines needed to implement this strategy. Filled with innovative and important trading techniques, it is a great asset to beginner and experienced swing trader alike."- Larry Swing, MrSwing.comLearn the basics - or refine your skills - with this fast-reading swing trading primer. With a foreword by the popular 'MrSwing.com" - this new guide from Larry Spears makes the powerful swing trading concepts more accessible and easier to implement than ever.As traders increasingly seek a sensible balance between the high-risk world of day trading and the long-term 'buy and hold" crowed - swing trading has grown in prominence. Advances in computerized charting, online order processing and readily available market analysis have helped turn swing trading into the leading strategy for today's active trader. Now, learn to make this lucrative strategy work for you in simple, practical terms. A true asset to even the most experienced market player, you'll discover:- What swing trading is - and why it works- How to identify which stocks to swing trade - Entry and exit points to maximize profits, and minimize risk- The Master Plan - step-by-step rules to increase profitability- Key analytical and online tools you can use to enhance your swing trading success, and so much more.The best part? With Swing Trading Simplified in hand, you'll be able to implement your own profitable program without being glued to your monitor. Simply pick your position, enter a close, and a protective stop, and go back to your day - it's that easy! Add or restore vitality to any investment program - using the simplified techniques found in Swing Trading Simplified.

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