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БеллетристикаThe Scarlet Empress (2176 Series, Book 5)

The Scarlet Empress (2176 Series, Book 5)
Название:The Scarlet Empress (2176 Series, Book 5)
Автор:Susan Grant
Издательство:Love Spell
Дата издания:2004-12-07
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.00 MB

The 2176 ladies have really taken us on a rollercoaster ride of adventures this summer. Susan Grant conceived the series of five books, and Dorchester publishing permitted her to take the "bit between her teeth" and run, selecting three very talented writers (Kathleen Nance, Day of Fire; Liz Maverick, The Shadow Runners; Patti O'Shea, The Power of Two) to following the path she blazed.

It's not often writers have as much say or control that goes in a series such as this. It's a "bible concept' - meaning several writers are given a premise. They will have certain characters, certain points in the plots they need to hit, but then each writer takes their turn in the showcase. It's interesting to watch this unfold. Grant, you expect to knocks your socks off. A PR man's dream, Grant one of the first women in history to attend the US Air Force Academy, a former Air Force instructor pilot and now currently a 747 jumbo jet pilot for United Airlines, brings all that skill and knowledge into creating her two tales. The first was The Legend of Banzai Maguire. We meet Bree Maguire and her wingman, Lieutenant Cameron "Scarlet" Tucker. Scarlet was not only her wingman, but she was Bree's best friend. They are taken prisoner, put into suspended animation, and then awakened in the year 2176.

Through the other three books you track Bree awakened by Prince Kyber, to the realities of this new world. She escapes with Seal Commander Tyler Armstrong, and she has since become a rallying cry to the world. People want to use her as a spur to provoke the fight for freedom; others want to kill her to prevent that. So she has been on the run, all the time believing her best friend Cam was dead.

Only, resourceful Cam is far from out of the picture. Prince Kyber is still singed by what he views as Bree's betrayal, so he is not so willing to trust another lady from the past. However, Cam has learned Bree's been captures and is held prisoner, and Kyber is the only one Cam can turn to for help. Kyber soon finds out Cam gets what she wants, even when she wants him! I won't say any more, for you will want to experience this fast pace, pedal to the metal series for yourself.

It's hard for writers to come through with their best writing when working within the "bible format". But these four writers have done just that! It's a powerful series, so "today", with strong heroines who can be all, do all. Each writer brought their own talent to their tales, but all five tales blend seamlessly into one great series. And Grant's powerful finale is just the way to end it!

Kudos for Grants original concept, to Dorchester Publishing for allowing their very talented writers to boldly go where none have before, and to Susan Grant, Kathleen Nance, Patti O'Shea and Liz Maverick for delivering 110% in the dazzling series!

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