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БеллетристикаBlood of an Angel (The Embraced, Book 3)

Blood of an Angel (The Embraced, Book 3)
Название:Blood of an Angel (The Embraced, Book 3)
Автор:Anya Bast
Издательство:Ellora's Cave
Дата издания:2005-12-01
Формат:rtf, fb2
Размер:5.00 MB

The Embraced - Blood of an Angel By Anya Bast
Book 3 in the Embraced series. Tiya is turning the tables on the Embraced. She wants their blood. With a desire for vengeanceÂ…and lots of weaponsÂ…she's searching for the rogue Vampir who killed her family. One night she meets her match in Charlie, a visiting vamp in the territory where she's hunting. Charlie tracks down the woman he knows isn't human because she's too fast and way too strong. Soon he becomes obsessed with her and her plight. All he wants is Tiya naked and beneath him on a bed. He wants to possess her in every way. Her blood sings to his and he soon finds out why. Tiya is OtherKin SidheÂ…a real, live faery. Tiya discovers that Charlie has enough sexual heat to melt away the cold knot of revenge within her. He's a well-bred, well-mannered vamp, but once she gets him stripped, his civilized composure turns into erotic single-minded passion that rocks her to her core. Charlie makes her feel alive again. But Tiya's feelings of being alive may not last. Someone in this territory hungers for the special blood of the OtherKin SidheÂ…and her family's blood in particular.

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