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БеллетристикаBrethren: An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar

Brethren: An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar
Название:Brethren: An Epic Adventure of the Knights Templar
Автор:Robyn Young
Дата издания:2007-07-31
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

An international bestseller certain to appeal to fans of The Last Templar—the thrilling first book in a sweeping medieval trilogy

On the eve of the last Crusade, two men's destinies will come together as two great civilizations go to war. Amidst conspiracy and intrigue in Europe, Will Campbell, a young knight, risks his life to recover the stolen Book of the Grail. Hidden within its pages are the heretical plans of a secret society within the Knights Templar. Meanwhile, the former slave Baybars Bundukdari and his army have taken over Egypt and Syria, and are planning a new Holy War to bring the Crusaders to their knees.

With breathtaking battle scenes, memorable characters, and a riveting mystery at its center, Brethren (being published simultaneously with book two, Crusade, in hardcover) is a heart-stopping historical drama that brings the Middle Ages vividly to life.

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