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Автор:Paul Kozerski
Дата издания:2002-11-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:3.40 MB

The cover makes one think this will be high-tech action but that is far from the truth. The story reads like Damnation Alley with a twist.

Trennt is a courier. He carries sensitive material through the increasingly hostile country. On his last mission we never know if he succeeds with the delivery, only that he escapes with his life.

Now he has been hired, along with an on-again off-again partner, to shut down a secret research facility and bring back the research and staff. Nothing goes right with the mission, partly due to forces bent on destroying all evidence of the facility and its work. Soon Trennt is in the hostile wastelands where just about everything can kill you. He is still trying to complete some small part of his mission.

In the end I was quite unsatisfied (why didn't he at least check out the empty plane?). At first the wilderness is super-deadly but at the end it just takes a little mud to survive. Characters' motivations are spotting and often don't make sense. The non-romantic romance was seemingly just thrown in but might have been the main point. I will probably not even look at any new books from this author unless the style changes greatly.

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