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БеллетристикаCast in Stone (Leo Waterman Mysteries)

Cast in Stone (Leo Waterman Mysteries)
Название:Cast in Stone (Leo Waterman Mysteries)
Автор:G.m. Ford
Дата издания:1997-03-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.00 MB

In the wild days of Leo Waterman's youth, Henry "Heck" Sundstrom was a god. But things haven't been going great lately for the p.i.'s burly ex-hero. First came the honeymoon boating accident that killed Heck's son and new daughter-in-law, Allison. And now the big man himself is dying--struck down by a runaway truck at an ungodly hour in a section of Seattle where no decent citizen should be caught dead.
But Waterman's not so sure Allison went down with the ship. And if his motley, aging legmen, "the Boys," can gather the facts, perhaps he can prove it--following the lead to the Midwest and a missing million dollars. . .and maybe to a "black widow" who may be less "late" and more lethal than anyone ever suspected.

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