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БеллетристикаWho in Hell Is Wanda Fuca?

Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca?
Название:Who in Hell Is Wanda Fuca?
Автор:G. M. Ford
Издательство:Pan Books
Дата издания:2006
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.00 MB

I always said I was a Ford person, and I'll forgive G.M. Ford his conflicting name since his writing is some of the best I've seen wash in over the transom in several years. Leo Waterman is a refreshingly original detective who just about everyone with a firm grip on reality can relate to.

When an old disreputable friend of Leo's father makes a request of him that he "can't refuse," Leo delves into the sometimes fanatical realm of environmental politics in search of Caroline Nobel, a spoiled little rich brat without a lick of sense bent on changing the world. With the help of "the Boys" -- a group of aging winos who are his modern day "Baker Street Irregulars" -- Leo fights Native American tribal politics, industrial polution, and psychotic grannies to fulfill his obligation to a friend.

Ford's writing is entertaining, page-turning excitement, with humor and spice sprinkled throughout. If you don't chuckle, you're brain-dead. His writing is vaguely reminiscent of Carl Hiaasen's tongue-in-cheek humor.

And yes, you do find out who Wanda Fuca is.

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