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БеллетристикаShakespeare for Students

Shakespeare for Students
Название:Shakespeare for Students
Автор:Anne Marie Hacht
Дата издания:2007-08-06
Размер: 96,5 mb

This may be a scene from your experience: You have been assigned to read a play by William Shakespeare in your literature class. The students look a little skeptical as the books are distributed. That evening at home you do your best to understand as you read the play alone, fiercely studying the footnotes and employing a dictionary, but you still have serious doubts that you are correctly grasping the plot. Although the next day’s class discussion helps enormously, you are now positive that you will never get all the characters’ names straight. Then one day in class a couple of students disagree about the motivation of the main character and press each other to back up their interpretations with evidence from the text. The rest of the class sits forward in their seats.

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