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БеллетристикаRabbit is Rich

Rabbit is Rich
Название:Rabbit is Rich
Автор:John Updike
Издательство:Penguin Books
Дата издания:1983
Размер:0,44 MB

Winner of the 1982 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.
Ten years after RABBIT REDUX , Harry Angstrom has come to enjoy prosperity as the Chief Sales Representative of Springer Motors. The rest of the world may be falling to pieces, but Harrry's doing all right. That is, until his son returns from the West, and the image of an old love pays a visit to his lot....
"The reviewers seemed to be under the impression that the hero was a terrible character. It's incredible! No, I think it's the most interesting American novel I've read in quite a long time"
-- Mary McCarthy, interviewed in The Paris Review
"The power of the novel comes from a sense, not absolutely unworthy of Thomas Hardy, that the universe hangs over our fates like a great sullen hopeless sky. There is real pain in the book, and a touch of awe"
-- Norman Mailer, Esquire
"...An American protest against all the attempts to impress upon us the 'healthy, life-loving and comic' as our standard for novels. It is sexy, in bad taste, violent, and basically cynical. And good luck to it."
-- Angus Wilson, naming three Books of the Year in the Observer
And Rabbit Redux
"Against all odds, Rabbit Redux is a sequel that succeeds; it is in every respect uncannily superior to its distinguished predecessor and deserves to achieve even greater critical and popular acclaim."
-- Brendan Gill, The New Yorker
"I can think of no stronger vindication of the claims of essentially realistic fiction than this extraordinary synthesis of the disparate elements of contemporary experience. Rabbit Redux is a great achievement, by far the most audacious and successful book Updike has written."
-- Richard Locke, The New York Times Book Review


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