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БеллетристикаAll That's True

All That's True
Название:All That's True
Автор:Jackie Lee Miles
Издательство:Sourcebooks Landmark
Дата издания:2011-01-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

"My life was close to being perfect until my brother Alex got killed. Then my mother started drinking and my father started having sex with Donna, my best friend's stepmother. She's not even thirty years old."
With an equal mix of joy and sorrow, All That's True follows Andi's poignant-and sometimes laugh out loud-journey to young adulthood, where she struggles with the elusive nature of truth and the devastating consequences of deception.
"Jackie Lee Miles is a wise and perceptive writer with a keen understanding of human frailties."
-Julie Cannon, author of Truelove and Homegrown Tomatoes
"Perfect in voice and detail, chock full of girl talk and seat-of-the pants crises, Miles' book is a winner."
-Rosemary Daniell, award-winning author of Secrets of the Zona Rosa: How Writing (and Sisterhood) Can Change Women's Lives
"Miles is a fascinating new voice in Southern fiction. Readers will rejoice."
-Karin Gillespie, author of Bet Your Bottom Dollar
"For those of us looking for relationships that feel authentic, you will find them in this novel!"
-Edward Mooney, Jr. author of The Pearls of the Stone Man

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