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БеллетристикаPatriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse

Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse

Автор: James Wesley Rawles
Название: Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse
Издательство: Huntington House Publishers; 1st edition
Год: January 1, 1999
Формат: pdf
Размер: 3.3 mb
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 407
ISBN-10: 156384155X
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

A fast-paced novel that follows a group of Christian survivalists through a stock market crash, an economic collapse, and a second civil war. It is packed with useful information on how to survive a disaster.

About the Author
James Wesley, Rawles has been an enthusiastic survivalist since his teenage years. He is now a survivalist author and lecturer and the editor of www.SurvivalBlog.com. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose State University with minor degrees in military science, history, and military history. A former U.S. Army intelligence officer who held a Top Secret security clearance (with Special Background Investigation) and access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI), he was awarded Officer specialty 35A (tactical all-source intelligence officer), and the additional skill identifier 5M (electronic warfare officer). He achieved the rank of Captain, attended the Army NBC defense officer's course, as well as Northern Warfare School at Fort Greeley, Alaska.

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