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БеллетристикаSnare of Serpents

Snare of Serpents
Название:Snare of Serpents
Автор:Victoria Holt
Издательство:Ivy Books
Дата издания:1991-09-23
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:4.10 MB

Davina Glentyre's happy young life in Edinburgh was shattered by her mother's death and made even more unbearable by her father's sudden marriage to her new governess. Her one joy was her friendship with a poor but charming student, Jamie, whom her father forbade her to wed. When her father suddenly died from arsenic poisoning, the means, motive, and opportunity all pointed to Davina herself. Alone, she escaped to the colonies in Africa. But with the Boer War came danger and the return of dark secrets from the past that threatened her reputation and her very life . . .

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