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БеллетристикаCavalry Man: Powder Keg LP

Cavalry Man: Powder Keg LP
Название:Cavalry Man: Powder Keg LP
Автор:Ed Gorman
Дата издания:2007-07-01
Формат:rtf, epub
Размер:5.00 MB

A new "Robin Hood" is riding the range—a hero bank robber who's handing over the spoils to poor farmers and needy townsfolk. But the bandit's using powerful explosives in his endeavors—and military investigator Noah Ford has to put a stop to the altruistic outlaw's destructive ways.
But Ford's not investigating alone. Two other federal agents have been assigned to work with him—shady government men with their feet planted firmly on the wrong side of the law. Suddenly a volatile situation in the town of Willow Bend is in danger of catching fire—with Ford trapped in the middle of the blaze, torn between what's lawful and what's right.

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