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АппаратураCircuit Master: Circuit Simulation Program and Study Guide

Circuit Master: Circuit Simulation Program and Study Guide
Название:Circuit Master: Circuit Simulation Program and Study Guide
Автор:Michael D. Ciletti
Издательство:Oxford University Press, USA
Дата издания:1995-06-08
Размер: 1,6 MB

circuit Master™ is a turnkey, menu-driven software system for demonstrating and exploring fundamental electrical engineering concepts, and for analyzing and designing basic electrical engineering circuits. The system requires no programming by either the student or the instructor.
circuit Master's user interface is fully menu-driven, with descriptive prompts that enable full usage with minimal instruction.
circuit Master can be used in conjunction with courses or labs in circuits, as a basis for homework assignments, or as a self-study tool by students wanting to probe deeper into the behavior of circuits. It strongly supports student's efforts to develop an intuitive "feel" for the operation of
The circuit Master system consists of a fully-supported, robust library of 100 circuits, including RLC components, opamps, controlled current and voltage sources, transformers, and independent voltage and current sources. Its signal sources may be chosen from a library of parametriclly
described periodic and aperiodic signals, including squarewaves, damped sinusoids, pulses, impulses and steps.
All signal parameters may be assigned by the user.
circuit Master's unique screen display format presents an integrated view of a circuit's time-domain and frequency- domain responses. For example, the effect of changing the capacitor value in an RC circuit can be observed simultaneously in circuit Master's display of the circuit's pole-zero pattern, Bode plot, input/output waveforms, or input/ output signal spectra.
Initial capacitor voltages and inductor currents can be assigned by the user. Their values are automatically incorporated into the circuit's time-domain response plots.
This feature allows the zero-input response of a circuit to be studied in detail, separately, or in conjunction with the initial-state response.
A circuit's pOle-zero patterns, Bode plots, input/output spectra, and input/output time-domain waveforms are automatically calculated and displayed in a color-coded format. These waveforms show the effect of the selected circuit components and initial energy storage conditions.

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