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АппаратураHandbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering

Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and EngineeringНазвание: Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering
Автор: Antonio Luque, Steven Hegedus (ed.)
Издательство: Wiley
ISBN: 0-471-49196-9
Год: 2010
Количество страниц: 1167
Формат: PDF
Размер: 13.3 Мб
Язык: Английский

Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering incorporates the most recent technological advances and research developments in photovoltaics. All topics relating to the photovoltaic (PV) industry are discussed and each chapter has been written by an internationally-known expert in the field.

Detailed treatment covers:

* scientific basis of the photovoltaic effect and solar cell operation
* the production of solar silicon and of silicon-based solar cells and modules
* the science and technology of up-and-coming thin film PV technologies
* how choice of semiconductor materials and their production influence costs and performance
* high-performance approaches for concentrators and space applications
* new types of organic dye-based solar cells
* making measurements on solar cells and modules and how to relate results under standardised test conditions to real outdoor performance
* photovoltaic system installation and operation of components such as inverters and batteries.
* architectural applications of building-integrated PV
* finance and the role of investors: public funding and policy in promoting PV world-wide

Each chapter is written to be partially accessible to beginners while providing detailed information of the physics and technology for experts. Encompassing a review of past work and the fundamentals in solar electric science, this outstanding reference provides an invaluable resource to practitioners, consultants, researchers and students in the PV engineering industry.


Справочник включает в себя самые последние технологические достижения и научно-исследовательские разработки в области фотогальванических элементов.

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