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АппаратураDigital Desing and Computer Architecture

Digital Desing and Computer Architecture
Название: Digital Desing and Computer Architecture
Автор: Harris D.M.
Издательство: Morgan Kaufmann
Год: 2007
Страниц: 592
Размер: 32,5 Мб
Формат: pdf
ISBN: 978-0123704979
Язык: английский

Digital Design and Computer Architecture is designed for courses that combine digital logic design with computer organization/architecture or that teach these subjects as a two-course sequence. Digital Design and Computer Architecture begins with a modern approach by rigorously covering the fundamentals of digital logic design and then introducing Hardware Description Languages (HDLs). Featuring examples of the two most widely-used HDLs, VHDL and Verilog, the first half of the text prepares the reader for what follows in the second: the design of a MIPS Processor. By the end of Digital Design and Computer Architecture, readers will be able to build their own microprocessor and will have a top-to-bottom understanding of how it works--even if they have no formal background in design or architecture beyond an introductory class. David Harris and Sarah Harris combine an engaging and humorous writing style with an updated and hands-on approach to digital design.

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