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АппаратураDSP Integrated circuits

DSP Integrated circuits
[b]Название[b]: DSP Integrated circuits
[b]Автор[b]: Wanhammar L.
[b]Издательство[b]: Academic Press
[b]Год[b]: 1999
[b]Страниц[b]: 577
[b]Размер[b]: 26 Мб
[b]Формат[b]: pdf
[b]Язык[b]: английский

Globally there hardly exist more than a dozen book references on the subject of DSP hardware design. Among these, the two titles above (DSP Integrated Circuits, Academic Press & VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems, John Wiley) are incontestable leaders, both in depth in breadth.
While written to be a text book for a non-engineering Appropriate Technology course, the book provides both the formulas needed to build these systems along with a simple enough description of them to allow their operation and construction to be understood by non-engineers.
Hits the rare middle ground with enough info to do it, without being too theoretical to be readable.

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