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АппаратураSynthesis of Arithmetic circuits - FPGA, ASIC and embedded systems

Synthesis of Arithmetic circuits - FPGA, ASIC and embedded systems
Название: Synthesis of Arithmetic circuits - FPGA, ASIC and embedded systems
Автор: Deschamps J.P.
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 578
Размер: 2.7 Mb
ISBN: 0-471-68783-9
Формат: pdf
Язык: английский

In this book methods and examples for synthesis of arithmetic circuits are described with an emphasis somewhat different from the classic texts on computer arithmetics:
1. It is not limited to the description of the arithmetic units of computers.
2. Desciptions of computation algorithm are presented in a section apart from the one dedicated to their materialization of implementation by digital circuits. The development of an embedded system is an operation of hardware–software
codesign for which it is not known beforehand what tasks will be executed by a microprocessor and what other tasks by specific coprocessors. For this reason, it appeared useful to describe the algorithms in an independent manner, without
any assumption on subsequent executions by an existent processor (software) or by a new customized circuit (hardware).
3. A special, although not exclusive, importance has been given to user programmable devices (field programmable devices such as FPGAs), especially to the families Spartan II and Virtex. Those devices are very commonly used for the
realization of specific systems, mainly in the case of small series and prototypes.

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