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АппаратураBeginning Arduino Programming

 Beginning Arduino Programming
Название: Beginning Arduino Programming
Автор: Brian Evans
Издательство: Apress
Год: 2011
Страниц: 272
ISBN: 978-1-4302-3778-5
Формат: PDF
Размер: 36 Мб
Язык: английский

Beginning Arduino Programming provides a clear introduction to writing Arduino code, building your skills with Arduino through a series of well-designed hardware and software building blocks. Once you have read this book, you'll be ready to program Arduino in exactly the ways you want for your future projects.

Beginning Arduino Programming lets you discover new journeys with your Arduino board through programming. While everyone knows that Arduino is a platform for hardware hackers—be they engineers, artist or maker-enthusiasts—your Arduino board cannot function without code. This book will show you the fundamentals of programming and how to program your Arduino board to do the things you want it to do.

You'll learn from first principles the core Arduino programming language, examining how to program loops, variables, arrays, and functions. While these features are common to many languages, you'll also learn how they are used specifically for Arduino. Beginning Arduino Programming uses the sketching analogy, which means you'll find yourself writing snippets of code that do interesting things very quickly. You'll also learn how to code in a good, succinct Arduino style that other programmers will respect.

As you read Beginning Arduino Programming, you'll learn how to make your Arduino code talk directly to the chips and sensors on your boards, taking into account pulse width, timing and sensor characteristics, all under your control. You'll then be ready to discover the joys of the existing Arduino open source libraries, so you can benefit from the code that other people have already created, and even think about sharing your own Arduino code projects in the future.

What you’ll learn
Start programming quickly with Arduino sketches
Get up to speed with the Arduino programming language
Write code that interacts with devices such as sensors and motors
How to code around pulse widths, timing and sensor characteristics
Work with time delays in your Arduino coding projects
Write your own, new Arduino functions
Write concise and well-written code that other programmers will respect
Use existing Arduino libraries, and create new ones!

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