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АппаратураLearning Unplugged

Learning Unplugged
Название:Learning Unplugged
Автор:Diane Gayeski
ISBN: 0814471455
Год: 2002
Формат: PDF
Размер: 2.4 MB

Wireless technologies are changing the nature of organizational training, performance management, and collaboration. From smart cell phones and PDAs to webpads and wearable devices, one-time curiosities are now indispensable business tools. Featuring case studies and interviews, Learning Unplugged shows how to implement these technologies, and shows how applications can be adapted for use in different environments and situations.This comprehensive yet plain-English guide explains the function and application of a wide range of mobile devices for training, communications, and performance management.

Readers can use its innovative, field-proven guidelines to:

* develop growth-focused learning and performance systems

* move from teaching and telling to accepting input and allowing experimentation

* adapt to the schedules and locations of a mobile workforce.

Learning Unplugged also provides in-depth comparisons of new technologies, and crucial information on creating media and content for new mobile devices.

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